Final Cut Server - Displaying Search Results

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Displaying Search Results

In the Assets and Productions panes, you can view your search results in Thumbnails or
List view and change the display order of items using the Toolbar buttons and controls.

Choose Thumbnail
or List view.

Choose a sorting option
from this pop-up menu.

Choose the order
to sort by (ascending
or descending).

Move through the pages
of search results.

Choose a specific page
of search results.

To change the view of your Assets or Productions pane (filtered or otherwise)


Click the Thumbnail View or List View button.

To change the order in which the items are displayed in the Assets or Productions


Choose a sorting option from the Sort By pop-up menu.

To move between pages of search results


Use the page navigation buttons to move to the previous or next page or to choose a
different page to display.

Note: The number of items shown per page is set to 25 by default. You can change the
number of items shown per page in the Preferences window.