Final Cut Server - Searching for a Job

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Searching for a Job

Final Cut Server uses jobs to perform actions like uploading, downloading, and transcoding
files. You can search for a specific job that is running or has been run on Final Cut Server
using the Search All Jobs window.

The number of jobs that run depends on the type of action being performed. Some
examples of jobs include:

• Copying a file from one location to another runs one job.

• Creating a new asset runs jobs to perform the initial copy and then creates the asset.

• Analyzing an asset uses multiple jobs to create the asset’s proxy files.

Each job creates multiple log entries for each step of the operation.

If you want to monitor the Final Cut Server jobs that are being performed, you can open
the Jobs window. In it, you can search for specific jobs and then see the job’s details.

To search for a specific job or jobs


Choose Search All Jobs from the Server pop-up menu (the pop-up menu in the
Final Cut Server main window that appears when you click the Server button).

The Search All Jobs window appears.


Chapter 4

Organizing and Searching the Final Cut Server Catalog

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Enter your search criteria by doing one of the following:

• Enter a word or value in the search field.

• Click the search disclosure triangle to reveal the advanced search options. Choose a

limiter from the pop-up menu and enter a value in one or more search fields.


When you’ve entered the criteria by which you would like to search the jobs, click the
Search button.

The jobs that match your search criteria appear in the main part of the window. Remember
that your search results may span several pages; you can navigate through the search
results using the page controls at the right of the window.


Chapter 4

Organizing and Searching the Final Cut Server Catalog

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This chapter explains how to work with all types of assets in the Final Cut Server client.
It explains how to interpret the information that is contained in a project or media asset
info window. It also includes descriptions of all the actions available in Final Cut Server.

This chapter covers the following:

Final Cut Server Client Actions

(p. 77)

Viewing an Asset

(p. 79)

Adding Versions for a Media or Project Asset

(p. 80)

Locking and Unlocking an Asset

(p. 82)

Writing Annotations on a Video Asset

(p. 86)

Duplicating an Asset

(p. 88)

Using the Edit-in-Place Feature

(p. 89)

Monitoring Jobs

(p. 89)

Setting Final Cut Server Client Preferences

(p. 92)

Final Cut Server Client Actions

This section gives an overview of the actions you can perform from the Toolbar, shortcut
menus, and other locations in the Final Cut Server client.

This table describes the various actions you can perform in Final Cut Server:



Provides information and metadata for the selected asset or


About Assets


About Productions

for more information.

Get Info

Provides a view of the asset in an appropriate media viewer; the
viewing application could be QuickTime Player, Preview, or another
media application.


Viewing an Asset

for more information.