Final Cut Server - Asset Info Window

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Asset Info Window

The info window contains a large amount of information about the asset. When you
double-click an asset that is listed in the Assets pane or in a production (or Control-click
an asset and then choose Get Info from the asset’s shortcut menu), the asset’s info window

The left side of the asset info window displays the asset’s thumbnail image and general
asset metadata. The right side of the asset is organized into multiple panes that list specific
types of information. You can view the information in each pane by clicking the pane’s

The asset’s thumbnail
image and general
asset metadata

Click the Metadata
button to display
the Metadata pane.

The Metadata pane

Metadata pane: This pane lists metadata for the primary representation file (the file

that was originally uploaded to Final Cut Server) and metadata for the asset.

Resources pane: This pane lists information about the primary representation and proxy

files that were generated for the asset. It also displays other information about where
the asset is used.


Chapter 2

The Final Cut Server Interface

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Versions pane: This pane lists information about versions of the asset that have been


Locks pane: This pane lists locks that have been applied to the asset.

Review & Approve pane: This pane shows the asset’s status and is used for the Email

Notification feature.


About the Asset Info Window

for more information about the Metadata, Resources,

Versions, and Locks panes. See

About the Review and Approve Feature

for more

information about the Review & Approve pane.