Final Cut Server - Search Options and Saved Searches

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Search Options and Saved Searches

A search field is at the top of the Assets and Productions panes. You can use this search
field to find a specific asset or production, or to limit the number of assets or productions
shown. Clicking the search disclosure triangle reveals advanced searching options. The
Assets and Productions panes have different advanced search options.

Open the disclosure
triangle to show the
advanced search settings.

Smart searches that you
create are listed under the
My Smart Searches heading.


Chapter 2

The Final Cut Server Interface

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You can save searches you create as smart searches. Final Cut Server comes with several
default smart searches listed under the My Smart Searches heading on the left of the
main Final Cut Server window. These smart searches, as well as any you create, are unique
to your Final Cut Server client. Other smart searches that are configured and managed
by your Final Cut Server administrator and that appear on every Final Cut Server client in
your system may appear under Smart Searches. If your administrator has not created
smart searches for your organization, you will not see the Smart Searches heading in your
Final Cut Server client. See

Organizing and Searching the Final Cut Server Catalog


more information.