Final Cut Server - List View

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List View

List view displays the assets or productions titles and other metadata in columns. This
view is useful when you want to view asset or production information or sort by any field.

List view selected

Final Cut Server marks assets and productions with icons to identify them. In Thumbnails
view, the icons appear on the asset or production tile, just above the Thumbnails image
or icon. In List view, the icons appear to the left of the Title column and in the State

The icons you see on assets and productions include:



Final Cut Pro project asset

Video clip asset

Image asset

Audio asset

Asset (unknown) or bundle asset (if the asset is a Final Cut Studio
project, the application’s icon will be displayed on the thumbnail)

An asset alias, used in productions to link from a production to the
original asset

A production


Chapter 2

The Final Cut Server Interface

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Asset checked out by me

Asset checked out by another user

Asset locked by me

Asset locked by another user

Asset archived (yellow) indicates you can restore this asset from its

Asset archived (white) indicates you do not have permission to
restore the asset from its archive

Unlinked Final Cut Pro project element

Primary representation for this asset is missing from its device

Final Cut Server cache is out of date

For specific information about these icons, see the chapter that describes the type of
asset or the state that the icon describes.