Final Cut Server - Using the Review and Approve Feature

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Using the Review and Approve Feature

When your Final Cut Server administrator installed Final Cut Server, he or she set up the
Review and Approve feature to meet your organization’s needs. The options the
administrator could configure included writing the text of the email, making editor’s
comments (which are entered in the Review & Approve pane) and other metadata appear
in the body of the notification email, and more.

The administrator also chooses one of three ways to specify who is defined as a required
reviewer and thus receives Review and Approve emails. Emails can go to an
administrator-defined recipient list, emails can go to the addresses that the user manually
enters in the “Required reviewers” field, or emails can go to both the administrator-defined
recipient list and any addresses manually entered in the “Required reviewers” field by the

It is difficult for a Final Cut Server client user to discern if the Review and Approve feature
has been set up, and if it has been, to discern which of these three approaches your
Final Cut Server system uses. Your Final Cut Server administrator should be your first point
of contact for questions about using the Review and Approve feature with your
Final Cut Server system.

Note: These examples show ways for you to manually enter email addresses. Depending
on how your Final Cut Server system has been configured, your administrator can create
a pop-up menu that you can use to assign email addresses. For more information, contact
your Final Cut Server administrator.


Chapter 9

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