Final Cut Server - Setting Final Cut Server Client Preferences

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Setting Final Cut Server Client Preferences

Your Final Cut Server administrator is responsible for configuring most of the preferences
that affect you while working with your Final Cut Server client. However, there are a few
settings that you can change in your client copy only.

You can define
the location and size
of your cache memory.

You can change how
the search results in your
client are displayed.

To open the Preferences window
Do one of the following:


Choose Final Cut Server > Preferences.


Choose Preferences from the Server pop-up menu (the pop-up menu in the Final Cut Server
main window that appears when you click the Server button).

To make changes in the Preferences window


Enter a number or enter a file path (by clicking the Choose button and then specifying
a file path) in the field you want to change, then click the Apply Changes button.