Final Cut Server - About Local Media Preferences

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About Local Media Preferences

The cache is where your local copies of media files are downloaded. It is not suggested
that users view or move files that are in the cache. Instead, export copies of files that you
want to use to your desktop or another convenient location.

However, you can decide where you want your cache to be located. In the Preferences
window, you can change the location and size of the cache. You can also quickly clear
the cache in the Preferences window.

Cache preferences include:

Save cached files to: Click the Choose button to choose a location to use for storing

your caches. The default locations are /username/Library/Caches/ when running the
client on a Mac computer and the /username/AppData/ directory on a Windows


Changing the cache location results in all current caches becoming

unavailable. If you change the cache’s location, you will need to manually add assets
that you need to the new cache location.

Maximum Cache Size: Enter a value to define a maximum cache size.

Clear Cache: Click the Clear Cache button to delete the files in the cache location.

Saved aliases for prepared media files: Click the Choose button to choose a location to

use for storing aliases to cache files. This location is used when you choose the Prepare
for Disconnected Use option for assets.

Note: If your local cache exceeds the limit defined in the Preferences window, a message
appears, advising you to clear the cache, cancel the action, or continue the action. It is
recommended that you choose to clear your cache.