Final Cut Server - Editing a Checked-Out Project in Final Cut Pro

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Editing a Checked-Out Project in Final Cut Pro

When you have checked out a Final Cut Pro project, you can edit the project in
Final Cut Pro.

When you open a project file that you just checked out in Final Cut Pro, the project file
should open with all of its media links intact.

To open a checked-out project in Final Cut Pro


Drag the project from its checkout location to the Final Cut Pro icon in your Dock.

The project opens in Final Cut Pro. Now you can edit the project as you want.

Note: You should not have to manually relink the project’s media files. If you do have to
relink the media files, the project was probably uploaded to Final Cut Server with unlinked

To save a checked-out Final Cut Pro project


Save the project in the location you specified at checkout.


You must save the project in exactly the same location from which you checked

it out. If you don’t save your Final Cut Pro project before checking it back in, the edits you
performed won’t be maintained.

While you’re editing the project in Final Cut Pro, you can update saved changes to the
project in Final Cut Server. When you update the Final Cut Pro project asset, changes to
the project file and any new media that is added to the project are automatically uploaded
to Final Cut Server.

To update a Final Cut Pro project asset


In Final Cut Pro, save the project file.


In Final Cut Server, Control-click the project asset, then Choose Update Asset from the
shortcut menu. If version control is turned on for the asset, the Check In window appears.
Optionally enter a comment and click Check In.


Chapter 7

Working with Final Cut Pro Projects

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The project asset is updated in Final Cut Server, and the asset remains checked out so
you can continue editing it. If version control is enabled for the asset, a new version of
the asset is created in Final Cut Server.

About Using Media Manager with a Checked-Out Project

Using the Final Cut Pro Media Manager to organize a project that is managed by
Final Cut Server can cause various media management problems. You can use the Media
Manager to organize a project’s media before you upload the project to Final Cut Server,
but using the Media Manager while Final Cut Server is managing the project is not